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Finding a balance

Striking a balance in your life is a huge part of living with cystic fibrosis (CF). When you do, it can help you focus on your health while still doing what you love. Here, you’ll get some information and tips to help you find this balance.

Making your health

a priority

As an adult, you may have a lot of responsibilities to juggle, but it's important for everyone to stay on top of their health. Make your physical and mental wellness, as a whole, a priority. Schedule regular checkups, maintain a healthy diet, and make time for exercise, if recommended by your healthcare provider, to help you stay well. Continue to talk to your healthcare provider often and openly about any new developments or concerns you may have.


a job

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It's your decision whether or not to tell your employer or fellow coworkers about CF. And you don't have to answer their questions about your health if you don't want to. However, telling coworkers can help some people with CF to feel more comfortable because coworkers can also be a source of support. All that matters is that you do what's right for you.

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Do your research

When starting a new job, it may be helpful to meet with the company's human resources representative. Together you can review your benefit plan, including insurance options, to better understand your healthcare benefits.

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Work-life balance

Work-life balance takes on new meaning when you have CF. Starting a new job may mean that you have to adjust your treatment schedule. You might consider talking to your manager about flexible hours to accommodate your treatments. If you tend to work late, make time for treatments during breaks. Remember to have your medications and even some high-calorie and high-fat snacks on hand.

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Help when needed

Having CF may entitle you to protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). If you’re finding it hard to continue working with your CF, talk to the staff at your CF center. They might be able to share information and resources with you about this topic. You can also learn more about the protections available specifically under the ADA here.



Understanding and choosing health insurance can feel like a particularly challenging part of becoming an adult. Insurance is complex, and choosing the best plan for you takes time and research. Finding someone to help guide you can be key. This could be your parent, a social worker, someone at the CF center, or your human resources representative.

Understanding your insurance options

Insurance plans use a lot of unfamiliar language. But understanding the different plans that might be available to you and knowing the meaning of common insurance terms may make it easier to compare plans. This guide can help you along the way.

Check out the Resource Library

For the downloadable resources found on this page and others in Navigating Life With CF, visit the Resource Library. There you'll find information for caregivers and people living with CF that you may find helpful.