KALYDECO and ORKAMBI are not available through other specialty pharmacies.

*KALYDECO and ORKAMBI will no longer be available at CVS Specialty Pharmacy beginning August 1, 2017. In addition, Maxor Specialty has been added to the network.

For more information on changes to the Vertex pharmacy network, click here.

  • Your healthcare provider is the best person to discuss any questions you may have about KALYDECO or ORKAMBI. Vertex also has KALYDECO and ORKAMBI websites for patients who reside in the United States, which are KALYDECO.com and ORKAMBI.com
  • Vertex GPS is a program for eligible patients who have been prescribed KALYDECO or ORKAMBI. If you have been prescribed KALYDECO or ORKAMBI according to the product labeling and are interested in enrolling in the program, you will need to discuss this with your healthcare provider, and he or she can work with you to submit a Vertex GPS enrollment form to initiate the process
  • Vertex GPS Case Managers can provide product support by:
    • Reviewing your health plan coverage, including confirming your out-of-pocket costs and providing information about any available financial assistance programs
    • Communicating with your healthcare providers regarding information about any forms your health plan requires to evaluate your request for coverage
    • Working with your specialty pharmacy and providing you with refill reminders
    • Sharing educational materials related to KALYDECO or ORKAMBI on an ongoing basis