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Vertex GPS: Guidance & Patient Support is a team of dedicated Case Managers who can help provide access and reimbursement support to your patients who have been prescribed Vertex products within their labeled indications.

Our specialized Case Managers are trained to provide patients and caregivers enrolled in the program with ongoing product support and educational materials designed to help keep your patients on track.

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Enroll Patients Here

To enroll your patients in Vertex GPS, download the enrollment form here. You can also learn more about the product support offered and how to enroll your patients below.

Vertex GPS product support—for you and your patients

Investigation of insurance coverage

Vertex GPS Case Managers will contact your patients' insurance plans to determine coverage and identify if there are any prior authorization requirements that need your attention.

Financial information

Your patients will receive information regarding out-of-pocket costs and any available financial assistance. This includes information with respect to various insurance situations.

Coordinating with specialty pharmacies

Vertex GPS Case Managers will work with your patients’ specialty pharmacies to help your patients get their prescription for their Vertex product on time, and can also provide them with refill reminders.

Click here to see which specialty pharmacies provide Vertex products.

Ongoing educational support to help your patients stay on track

Vertex GPS Case Managers can share prescription refill information with you to support patient adherence, as well as prior authorization expiration dates, for patients enrolled in the program.

There are 2 ways to enroll in the Vertex GPS™:
Guidance & Patient Support program:

  • Log on to
  • Enter “SYMDEKO,” “ORKAMBI,” or “KALYDECO” in the medication field
  • Use search term “GPS” or “Enrollment”
  • Fill out form with your patient
  • Submit electronically
  • Download form
  • Fill out the form electronically and print, or print blank form
  • Complete the form with your patient
  • Fax to 1-888-952-5933