About Vertex GPS

Once you enroll in Vertex GPS, your dedicated Patient Support Specialist works directly with your healthcare provider and insurance company to help you with access to your Vertex medicine. But that’s just the beginning. From open enrollment to monthly refill reminders, Vertex GPS is with you along the way.

Since 2012, more than patients have enrolled!*

*Represents individuals both currently and previously enrolled in GPS, regardless of if they are now actively on a Vertex medication.

Getting started

Vertex GPS offers personalized support from the day you enroll. If you have already received your Vertex medicine, see how your Patient Support Specialist can help you stay on track.

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    Enrolling in the program

    Be sure to fill out all 3 pages of the form with your healthcare provider. You'll also provide a phone number and the best time your Patient Support Specialist can reach you for a welcome call.

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    Connecting with a Patient Support Specialist

    After you enroll, your specialist will call you to welcome you to Vertex GPS and walk you through the next steps. Learn more about Patient Support Specialists.

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    Confirming insurance coverage

    Your Patient Support Specialist will work with your insurance company to confirm the coverage and out-of-pocket costs for your Vertex medicine. They will update you and your healthcare provider throughout the process and help you look into financial support services, if needed.

    Insurance 101

    Questions about coverage? You can better understand insurance topics with this helpful resource.

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    Providing financial assistance information

    If you have commercial insurance, Vertex may be able to help reduce your co-pay* to as little as $15 per refill. Call your Patient Support Specialist at 1-877-752-5933 (press 2) 1-877-752-5933 (press 2) to see if you're eligible.

    *Limitations apply, and Vertex reserves the right to rescind, revoke, or amend this assistance program at any time.

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    Coordinating your first shipment

    After your insurance coverage is confirmed, your Patient Support Specialist will send your prescription to your specialty pharmacy. Your specialty pharmacy will then reach out to you to coordinate your first shipment.

Personalized support along the way

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    While you're enrolled in GPS and taking a Vertex medicine, you can expect to receive:

    • Monthly refill reminders
    • Check-in calls from your Patient Support Specialist
    • Educational resources about your Vertex medicine, such as:
      • How to take your medicine
      • How your medicine works
      • How your medicine works with other medications
      • How your medicine was studied
    • Seasonal-focused texts and videos
    • Videos and blog posts from patients, caregivers, and specialists on Shared Space
    • Tools, like the Vertex GPS Connect app, to help you stay on track

Get to know GPS a little better

Learn more about how Vertex GPS can support you with this simple quiz.

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