Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I enroll in Vertex GPS?

If you have been prescribed a Vertex medicine and are interested in Vertex GPS, please talk to your healthcare provider. You can work with them to complete a Vertex GPS enrollment form to start the process.

Where can I find additional information about Vertex medicines?

Your healthcare provider can help you with treatment questions about Vertex medicines. Vertex also has websites for people who live in the United States:,,, and

What type of support can Patient Support Specialists provide?
Patient Support Specialists are here to help by:
  • Coordinating with your insurance company to review your insurance coverage and out-of-pocket costs. They can also let you know if you’re eligible for certain financial assistance programs
  • Connecting with your healthcare provider to discuss any questions your insurance company may have while determining your coverage
  • Working with your specialty pharmacy to help you coordinate shipments and let you know when it’s time to refill your Vertex medicine. See which specialty pharmacies provide Vertex medicines
  • Continuing to support you while you are taking your Vertex medicine by providing educational tools, text message refill reminders, and other helpful resources
What are some helpful terms I should know?
Commercial insurance

Coverage is provided through an employer or a union, or purchased directly from a private insurer or through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Open enrollment

Open enrollment is the yearly period when you can sign up for a new health insurance plan or make changes to your existing plan.

Out-of-pocket costs

Out-of-pocket costs are what you may have to pay on your own because they’re not covered by your insurance plan.


Once you've paid for care or a prescription, you may be entitled to a reimbursement, or repayment. Your Patient Support Specialist can help guide you through this process.

Specialty pharmacy

A specialty pharmacy fills prescriptions for certain drugs that are not available at retail pharmacies. Vertex medicines are only distributed through specialty pharmacies.

Does Vertex have any additional resources?

Vertex has an educational website that covers everything from traveling to overall health, recipes, and more.

Visit the site

If you are enrolled in Vertex GPS and have a question that wasn’t answered here, your Patient Support Specialist may be able to help. To speak to your Patient Support Specialist, call 1-877-752-5933 (press 2) 1-877-752-5933 (press 2) between 8:30 AM and 7 PM ET Monday through Friday.

If you are not enrolled in Vertex GPS but have been prescribed a Vertex medicine and would
like to learn more, please speak with your healthcare provider.

To contact a Patient Support Specialist, call or text 1-877-752-5933 (press 2 for calls).

Monday–Friday: 8:30 AM to 7 PM ET