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Enrolling Your Patients in
Vertex GPS: Guidance & Patient Support

Since 2012, more than 14,000 people have enrolled in Vertex GPS.* Once you've prescribed a Vertex product to your patient, he or she may be eligible for our comprehensive program.

*Represents individuals both currently and previously enrolled in GPS, regardless if they are now active on a Vertex medication.

Three Ways to Enroll in Vertex GPS

Visit the Vertex GPS Portal
  1. Log on to the portal
  2. Complete the form with your patient
  3. Submit electronically
Download the Vertex GPS Enrollment Form
  1. Fill out the enrollment form electronically and print when completed
  2. Complete and sign all sections with your patient
  3. Fax the document to 1-888-952-5933
  1. Log on to
  2. Enter Vertex product name in the medication field
  3. Use search term "GPS" or "Enrollment"
  4. Complete the form with your patient
  5. Submit electronically

How Vertex GPS Can Work With Care Centers

Vertex GPS Patient Support Specialists can provide support for reimbursement assistance and patient education. Vertex GPS also coordinates directly with you, and works with your specialty pharmacy and your patients' insurance company throughout the process. Learn more about this process here.

Vertex GPS Patient Support Specialists can help by:


Assisting in patient enrollment for Vertex GPS, coordination of insurance requirements, and product delivery through an in-network specialty pharmacy. Find a Vertex in-network specialty pharmacy


Tracking and monitoring refills to help patients stay on treatment


Notifying you of any changes in your patients’ insurance coverage or new requirements


Communicating prior authorization renewal information


Sending you a center-level report that summarizes your patients' information

Vertex GPS provides ongoing support
to patients and caregivers

Personalized services include:

  • Calls: insurance questions, monthly refill reminders, regular check-ins
  • Texts: refill and insurance reminders
  • E-mails and letters: Vertex product information and tips for staying on track with treatment
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Your patient's Patient Support Specialist can send a summary of important information in the GPS center-level report to help assess treatment adherence.

Request a site visit from your GPS Patient Support Specialist or call your specialist at 1-877-752-5933 (press 2) to review your center-level report.